Penrose Manual



  1. Select the active notes.
    Active notes light up green,
    the currently played note red

  2. Lights up when a gate signal is generated

  3. Input
    CV between 0V and 10V

  4. Trigger input
    If a cable is connected, the output voltage will only change if a trigger is received. Otherwise the output is updated continuously

  5. Gate output
    A 5V signal is generated whenever the output voltage changes.

  6. Output
    Quantized CV between 0V and 10V

Save selected notes

The module is equipped with an autosave feature. The selected notes are automatically saved to non volatile memory about 15 seconds after the last changes are made. This ensures that the module will always be in the same state after startup as it was before powering down your system.

Firmware update

The firmware can be updated by playing back a special audio file to the trigger in jack.

To update the firmware:

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