The LXR Drum Synthesizer

The LXR is a full fledged digital drum machine with integrated sequencer.
Its sound engine provides 6 different instruments, each with over 30 parameters to tweak. It can produce a wide variety of sounds, ranging from classic analogue emulations to crunchy digital mayhem.

More than a simple TR chaselight

On the first look the sequencer seems to be your basic, off the shelf 16 step sequencer. But there's more to it! Each of the 16 steps is further divided into 8 additional substeps, resulting in a total of 128 steps per track with 32ppq resolution. To top it off we added a probability control, parameter automation and full MIDI velocity to each step. Together with an intelligent pattern chaining engine and polyrhythm capabilities it is a breeze to program interesting shuffles and beats.

Sonic flexibility

Each of the 6 voices is a complete synthesizer with multiple oscillators, envelopes, a multimode filter, effects and versatile modulation options. There are different synthesis models used for the different voices. Each one optimised, but not limited to certain types of drum sounds.

Image by zthee

Modulation Madness

You love modulations? So do we! That's why we've put a whole bunch of different modulation sources into the LXR that are capable of modulating any sound parameter. There are 6 freely routable LFOs, velocity modulation, the parameter automation from the sequencer and FM oscillators.


We tried to design the user interface as straight forward as possible. Nearly all functions are just 1 button press away, keeping the menu diving to a minimum. The synth was designed with live performance in mind, so all actions can be performed without stopping the sequencer playback and a dedicated 'performance mode' offers realtime features like manual triggered rolls and realtime preset morphing. As for the sound - this is not another bleepy toy! The LXR offers full 44kHz, 16 bit audio quality on 4 separate audio outputs.


We like to give the user full control over their gear and encourage modifications to the soft- and hardware. The full sourcecode and the schematics are available on GitHub and the firmware can be built using open source toolchains. So feel free to have a look under the hood and start tinkering. A machine you've built, is a machine you love!

Some specs

  • Cortex M4 based
  • 6 voices (VA and FM)
  • 7 sequencer tracks (extra open HH channel)
  • 44kHz / 16 bit audio
  • 4 mono outputs
  • 4 different instrument engines
  • 1/128 step pattern resolution (32ppq)
  • USB/Din Midi
  • different lengths for each track possible
  • 8 chainable patterns per preset
  • Step probability
  • SD-Card
  • Cowbells!
  • 39 buttons
  • 6 LFOs routable to every voice parameter
  • complete kit. comes with all needed parts for assembly
  • No SMD soldering required
  • source code available
  • All! actions possible without stopping the sequencer playback


The complete kit is sold for 280,-€*
Acrylic enclosures sold separately for 70,-€*

Assembly Service

A list of trusted builders is now available in the forum.
If you don't want to assembly the LXR yourself, the people on this list are happy to do it for you.

Please note that the builders are not related to Sonic Potions and offer the assembly as an independent service. Although they are known to us to deliver good work, Sonic Potions can not be held liable for the assembly.

*All prices are retail prices excluding value added tax (small entrepreneurs to Section 19 UStG) and shipping

Sound demos

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