LXR Trigger IO

The trigger IO will be available in the shop today.
I'll re-open the shop around 6pm CET.


The Trigger IO extension is an upgrade for the LXR drumsynthesizer that provides additional analog trigger in- and outputs. It has

  • 7 trigger outputs for the individual sequener tracks
  • 1 clock input for different clock rates (1, 4, 8, 16 and 32ppq) to sync the LXR to analog sequencers
  • 1 reset input
  • 2 clock outputs with variable prescaler to sync external sequencers to the LXR
  • 1 reset output


The outputs are V-triggers, but can also be modified to S-triggers for vintage gear with some additional parts (not included in the kit)

More information and an assembly guide can be found here:

There is a limited quantity of full component kits available, too.
These full kits won't be available in the future, since the parts are easy to obtain and available for ~5€ at Reichelt and Co. I'd have to charge nearly the same for the sorting hassle that Reichelt/Mouser/Digikey charge for shipping, so it's not worth it.

Pioneer run members with the early frontpanel boards will get a 5€ discount due to the soldering inconvenience. To claim your pioneer run discount you have to order via e-mail to since I can't handle the discount easily in the shop system.

prices will be (incl. VAT)
PCB: 10€
B-Grade PCB with wrong hole: 7€
PCB + V-Trigger Components: 16€
Enclosure Backpanel: 20€


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