We are taking pre-orders for the next batch

Due to the high demand I will take preorders for the next batch.

“Pre-order” just means I collect your email address, and I reserve a kit for you. There is no commitment to buy. But I would appreciate it if you only reserve a seat if you are really interested in buying! NO PAYMENT IN ADVANCE!

When new kits are available I wil send an email to the people on the list. If you don't want to buy, the next person on the list will get your seat. If any kits are left from a batch they will go to the shop.

Prices are the same as in the shop:
Kit  280,- €
Enclosure 70,- €
+ shipping

If you want to reserve a seat, please send an email (NOT MONEY!) with your details to:
preorder @ sonic-potions.com

see also:

Best regards,

Sonic Potions
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