Metal enclosure assembly guide


Step 1 - Open the enclosure

There are 10 screws you have to remove before you can take off the top of the case. 2 each on the left and right side, as well as 3 each on the front and back.

Step 2 - Power Switch

Install the power switch into the rectangular cutout in the right bottom of the backplate labeled '9VDC'
You just have to push it in.

Step 3 - Trigger IO

The case can be used with or without the trigger extension.

With trigger extension

Install the trigger IO onto the bolts in the bottom of the case. Use 4 of the pointy tip screws to hide the small holes in the back of the case.

Without trigger extension

Use the provided small metal plate to cover the trigger extension holes from the outside and attach it using 4 of the pointy tip screws.

Step 4 - Install Lightpipes

The lightpipes are held in place with the small rubber rings. Just put a lightpipe in its hole and secure it from behind with a ring.

Remarks about the display window

Before installing the PCB it would be advisable to install the display window. It can be inserted later on, but I have not yet found a good way to secure it in it's place. Maybe a piece of transparent adhesive foil (not provided)  can be used to secure it from the bottom without making a mess with normal glue?

If not secured it will fall out if you turn the LXR upside down.

Step 5 - Attach power switch wires


Step 6 - Install frontpanel PCB

Use the black machine screws to install the frontpanel PCB in the top of the enclosure.

Step 7 - Connect power cables to switch (and the trigger IO)

Slide the 2 power cables onto the contacts of the switch. If you have a trigger extension installed, also connect it with the ribbon cable to the frontpanel PCB.

Step 8 - Close the case

Put the top of the enclosure back onto the bottom and screw it on using the 10 black, pointy screws you removed in the first step.

Step 9 - Attach knobs and nuts

Add the caps for the potentiometers and the encoder as well as the 4 nuts for the audio outputs.

Step 10 - Enjoy your new enclosure!