Enclosure assembly

Enclosure assembly instructions

This is an illustrated, step-by-step guide on how to assemble the acrylic enclosure.
Please note I forgot to attach the button caps before I took the pictures.
It is advised to install them before mounting the unit in the case.

Step 1 - Check content

The enclosure kit consists of

1 x Frontpanel

1 x Bottom plate

2 x long side panels

2 x short side panels

1 x bag of small parts

The content of the bag is

4 x sticky rubber feet

5 x black hex screw

4 x M3 nut

1 x 10mm standoff

4 x long M3 screw

13 x short M3 screw


Step 2 - Extra Standoff

Replace the M3 screw that came with the LXR kit with the provided 10mm Standoff


Step 3 - Screw on the bottom

Use the 13 M3 screws to fix the case bottom to the standoffs. The corner with the slots has to be located below the 7805 voltage regulator.

Step 4 - Backplate

Mount the backplate and fix it in place with the 4 nuts from the audio jacks. Don't pull them too tight yet!

Step 5 - First side panel

Add the right side panel. The slots should be located at the back where the 7805 voltage regulator is found.

Use one of the long screws and a hex nut to connect it to the backplate. Do not pull the screw too tight yet.

Step 6 - Front plate

Attach the panel with the Sonic Potions logo to the front of the enclosure.

Use a long screw with nut to attach it to the side panel.

Step 7 - Second side panel

Attach the second side panel. This time use 2 long screws with nuts to fix it on both sides. Once again, not too tight!

Step 8 - Top panel

Put the engraved panel on top of the unit. You may have to jiggle it a bit to get all the switch caps through their holes. Pay special attention to the teeth from the 4 side panels. Again, you may have to jiggle a little bit until they fall in place in their slots. The panel should lay flat on top of the enclosure. If it does not seem to fit, try loosening the 4 hex nuts from the audio out jacks a little bit more. If everything is in place, screw in the 5 black hex screws to hold the front panel in place.

Step 9 - Knobs

Add the 4 knobs with indicator to the potentiometers and the one without to the encoder

As a last step, you may now tighten all the screws of the enclosure. Not too firm, or you may crack the plastic, but the screws should not move when you shake the enclosure.
Don't forget to attach the 4 rubber feet in the 4 corners of the bottom panel.